Wedding Ceremony Services

My wish is to provide you a personalized meaningful wedding ceremony at an affordable rate within the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington, metro areas.    It is your wedding ceremony, it should be how you wish it to be. 

You may find a sample ceremony that you like as is, or that we can personalize, or use as a springboard for one unique to you. You may have readings, poems, or wordings you would like included. 

I love chatting with couples to find ways to bring their dreams and wishes to reality.

Listed below are my current fees. I am always happy to give individual quotes based on your wishes, location, etc.


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Your wedding day is one of the most important moments of your life. My focus is to provide you with a meaningful ceremony that is how you wish it to be. It is your wedding day and should be what you want.   This way it can become a treasured memory.   

An Elopement $120 and $135

An elopement ceremony held at my office * $120 

Elopement Ceremony at a location of your choice within 25 miles of the Portland/Vancouver Metro Area $135.

Elopements are usually short notice, or a couple is coming to the Portland area on vacation to be married.   Or perhaps the couple have been together for awhile and are now wishing to make their union legal.  

Customarily the wedding couple, their two witnesses and myself. Often the couple will bring their parents or children. Total guests are less than 10.

The ceremony is chosen from those on the ceremonies page with slight edits and personalization. You may write your own vows.

*My office location is in the ParkTowers Executive Offices in Vancouver WA, just off I-205 and Mill Plain.    The area can comfortably accommodate the wedding couple, their two witnesses, myself and perhaps two other couples. 

Elopement date and time to be prearranged.

Much more personal than the courthouse!

Rehearsal Attendance: $65.00 includes facilitating rehearsal practice walk thru if needed. 

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A Standard Wedding Ceremony $225

Wedding Ceremony located within 25 miles of the Portland/Vancouver Metro Area.

We may begin with one of my sample ceremonies or ideas that you have collected. Then begin weaving in perhaps activities you share or are passionate about, important moments you wish included.

We may meet in person, over the phone, or perhaps a video call. This a chance for me to learn about you as individuals, as well as you as a couple as well as, for you to learn about me.

It is a time for you ask me questions, to outline what your wishes are for your ceremony. Both what you want and what you don't want.

From this information a customized wedding ceremony begins to come alive. Taking on a unique personality of its own. Truly yours.

The day of your wedding, I am at your venue 30 minutes prior to your ceremony start time, to go over any last minute items, check in with each of you, your coordinator, photographer and DJ, as well as complete your license paperwork.

Following your ceremony, I will mail your license to the county.

For all weddings, I do ask at least 24 to 48 hours’ notice.

Being Married in Oregon or Washington?

Oregon: Marriages within the State of Oregon require an Oregon Marriage License issued by any county within the state.

For information:

Washington: Marriages held within the State of Washington require a Washington Marriage License issued by any county within the state.

For information:


When the wedding venue is more than 30-35 miles from Portland or Vancouver, there may be an additional mileage fee.

Perhaps you would like to include the marriage of additional couples into your ceremony, we can make this happen! 

Each couple recites their own vows, and exchanges rings. 

Being married at the Coast? Or a location more than 35 miles from Portland/Vancouver metro area?

Contact me for an individualized quote.

I do give Military discounts.