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Wedding Customs and Feng Shui secrets by Bette Steflik
By Loretta Rossini

Double Your Happiness

Bette Steflik

“Night and day you are the one, only you beneath the moon and under the sun.
– Cole Porter

What I know for sure is Loretta is always looking out for her special couples. So when she asked me to share good luck wedding customs plus divulge a few of my lucky Feng Shui secrets for the home, I said I am only too happy to bring more joy to a couple’s wedding day. And here they are,

“Feng Shui Tips For Everlasting Love”.

Start With Luck.

A 1500 year old symbol must have some good juju, right? The Chinese created a symbol for marriage that is as potent today as when the first two lovers used it on their wedding day. The character for happiness is set side by side. The bottom part looks like the number “8”.In the Chinese language the number eight attracts prosperity. It’s been a long standing custom to give double happiness red envelopes with money inside to the wedding couple.

Pick Your Flowers.

Whether you are having a full Bridal bouquet or a single flower, selecting the heavenly fragrant Peony flower as your wedding flower is auspicious. The Peony flower is believed to be of divine descent, no wonder the peony represents wealth, rank and honor. If you use vases with a neck for your centerpiece, it expresses the wish for prosperity and peace because the vase symbolizes peace.


Wear a Touch of Red.

Red is like “a red sun rising from the East.” When it first emerges over the horizon, it is red hot. Wearing a touch of red on your wedding day (it can be hidden) is a good fortune adjustment and attracts auspiciousness. It’s the traditional color for Chinese brides.

Let the Stars Decide.

When Heaven and Earth line up it leads to a successful marriage. So start out on the right foot by selecting a lucky date for your wedding .

Choose happiness. Keep the luck coming.

Whether it is a grand reception or intimate dinner for two, pick eight dishes (not including dessert) for the word eight not only sounds like prosperity but “good luck” too.

Keep Your Love Fertile.

Have plans to bring a little one into the world? A formal tea ceremony is served by the bride and groom during the wedding festivities.The reason being is the words, “lotus”, “year”, “seed”, “child”, “date” and “early” sound alike but have different meanings. Dropping lotus seeds and two dates into the tea will help the newlyweds to have a baby early and every year. The sweetness of the special tea is also a wish for sweet relations between the bride and her new family.


Feng Shui Secrets for the Home

After you’ve said your vows, kissed the bride or groom and shared sweet pleasure on your honeymoon, do something extra for your love. Create a radiant space for your hearts to grow together.

Nurture the love you’ve created.

The demands of work can overwhelm the tenderness of your marriage and deplete your energy. Place nine lush plants in the bedroom. The plants’ vitality increases your mental focus, allowing you to give your beloved the attention they deserve.

Communicate What Is In Your Heart.

Good communication is the basis of a lasting relationship. Purchase a sturdy headboard. Preferably solid wood but slats work too. Make sure it is securely fastened. It connects the two sides of the bed thereby connecting the two of you. And here is a little secret to help the Ch’i flow, make sure your mattress is up off of the floor.

Want to know where to find more double happiness customs? Check out “Marry Me”

I would love to maintain the love you’ve created. Allow me to help you design joy, vitality and balance into your space with Feng Shui.

May 10,000 Ch’i bless your special day!
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